December Update

New goals for 2018 and thoughts on how 2017 went Continue reading December Update


Today I signed up for 2018’s 365 Challenge. I suppose my social calendar will just have to take the hit (that’s a joke because it’s gone remarkably unfettered all of 2017). I like how far I’ve come this year and I want to see if I can go a little farther next year. Maybe hit … Continue reading


So my favorite time of year is officially here! Sweet Autumn. I love everything about fall; from the rain to the leaves to the thermal socks and the flannel shirts and the scarves and hoodies and boots and cider and cocoa and did I mention the rain? But Autumn isn’t just aesthetic for me – … Continue reading NaNoWriMo

September Update

This is going to be a short update, but it’s a pretty big one! I have fewer than 3 scenes left until the end of this draft for #WBMAM! Of course, once they’re done, I’ll have to go back and add in a few sections that couldn’t be written at the time (*cough* or that … Continue reading September Update

September Update

Sometimes I frustrate myself. I have had a few days totally free and I’ve gotten remarkably little done. I have the desire, even the itch, but… I can’t manage to get anything out. At least, nothing that moves things farther along. I’ve got tons of notes, but I am so close to finishing this draft … Continue reading September Update


It’s been a heck of a ride so far, this 365 Challenge. I mean, I suppose when I started I knew it would be, but looking back on it is a little amazing. It’s been eight solid months and there are only four left – and here’s the really wild part: I’m already thinking about … Continue reading Update