January Summary

I hope January was a productive month for all of you!

The last few weeks of January were a little rockier than the start, for me, but that’s to be expected. Overall, I don’t think it was a bad month. I had 4 days that fell below the 500 words a day goal, but never below the 365 Challenge goal of 100. In contrast, I had 11 days of over 1000 words.

To meet my monthly goal, I needed to reach 15,500 words. In January, I wrote 27, 500. Almost double.

I made 4 aesthetics which are pretty much all I’ll need for the year, haha. I’ll keep making them occasionally though.

With the draft changes for W, I feel like I am going through a stage where I want distance as much as I want to be working on it. It’s hard when I can feel myself withdrawing from it when I am still so invested and obsessed with the world. It might be time to switch up projects a little, probably move to the first book of one of the sister-sagas, but I haven’t decided yet. (Read: I don’t want to write about other characters yet.)

I also haven’t been getting waves of ideas for any of the sister-sagas, while the tide is still most definitely coming in regarding W. It could go either way right now.

In other news, I read 930 pages in January and finished 2 books and a graphic novel. I spent 65 hours brainstorming and 26 hours working on art/calligraphy. I don’t track my writing hours because I feel like it would be daunting, haha, but  maybe one of these months I’ll track it just for kicks and see.

I do think I’m going to cut down the “weekly” goal of critiquing one piece on Scribophile to a quarterly goal. I thought I’d have a better handle and a bit more free time but I’ve actually picked up hours at work so I have even less.

I polished up a chapter into what I think is a great excerpt but I can’t share it here. 💔 It is potentially (probably) going to be the first chapter of the novel and I just can’t afford to share it. I WILL work on another excerpt soon, though, that I can share. Promise!

I have a few blackout poems ready for “coloring”/designs so I’m set there. I’ve done pretty well keeping up with my social medias. The only thing I didn’t focus on this month was doing something to build my writing portfolio, so I should really double down on this now in February. I also should work a little harder at making art that isn’t calligraphy. Since that dovetails so nicely with my writing, it’s easy for that to be the default. But I want to paint more and also make sure I start developing my sketching, so I need to focus.

I got a few badges already in the 365 Challenge. I’m keeping track of them this year, unlike last year. I’ll put them at the bottom in case anyone is curious and also just as a place to log them along with my progress.

Otherwise that’s about all I have to report. How are you all doing with your goals? Feel free to let me know what you’re working on in the comments; I’d love to cheer you on!


3 thoughts on “January Summary

  1. Your “About Nico” welcome message just caught my attention. It says “when she grows up” and also indicates you are married. That has me wondering a bit? I love your twin goals of wanting to study psychology and astronomy. I posted recently a poem based on the mythical story of Psyche and Eros. Psyche means soul and Mount Olympus is where immortal souls intercede with mortals according to the old myths. The peak of Mount Olympus would be well on the way to the stars and the milky way where Plato believed well lived souls eventually reside after a well lived mortal life. Oh well. I digress. As for your post today, your are one busy bee, that is evident. I hope you have a very productive rest of February.

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    1. Aha, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to confuse! I’m speaking colloquially about my age; implying that I maintain the idealism of youth and will never lose that. I’ve been with my partner for over a decade, since we met as seniors in high school. ☺️️ 
      I love Psyche! I will have to head over and read your poem when I get some time this weekend!

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