Draft “One” is FINISHED!

Well, it was finished as of June 13th! I didn’t want to post about it and make too big of a deal, though, in case I ended up doing that silly thing I like to do where I say “it’s done!” and then immediately think of half a draft worth of other scenes I should include.

So, I’ve been doing revisions for about a week. I didn’t let it rest much, but I did have another personal project that took about a week so I accidentally took a tiny break. I’m hoping to get revisions completely done sometime shortly after my birthday so I can send it out to betas!

It’s hard to believe I’m so close. It feels like it might be okay, even. Not to jinx myself or anything.

I’m looking forward to beta feedback, though. I know there will be a lot of suggested changes but I’m looking forward to the input. It’s been under my developmental eye for so long, some fresh perspective will be a nice change!

I just hope they don’t hate it.


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