January 21

There have been a few big changes going on the last week or so! I’ve come to the realization that, to start the book in the right place, I’m going to have to cut the first 40k-ish. Which means two things: 1. that I am now just nearing the halfway point of the book, nowhere near finishing it, and 2. that I am parting with some of my favorite scenes.

The comfort, however, is that I’ll be taking a substantial portion of that 40k and putting it into the prequel, bumping that up to being about 3/5ths done! Which is not what I expected to be saying at this point in the month.

Overall, this is a good thing. It defines the story arc a lot more clearly, keeps the focus stronger and cuts things that would have slowed it down unnecessarily. It even alleviates some stress I’ve been having over being completely unable to write certain scenes because now I don’t even have to! So that’s a bonus, I guess.

In other news, I finished THE DARK SHORE by Adam Lee this week and have started reading IN SEARCH OF OUR MOTHERS’ GARDENS by Alice Walker and SORCERY RISING by Jude Fisher. I also managed to read Volume One of MONSTRESS by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda in one sitting, and that’s gotten me to thinking that, in addition to one novel a month, I’d like to read one graphic novel a month, preferably in one sitting as I did with MONSTRESS. My husband has a small collection and I have another, even smaller, collection, so I’ll have plenty for the year without needing to worry about getting more.

As far as other goals, I’ve slacked off a bit with social media posts but I have participated in a bunch of Twitter hashtags, at least. And I’ve done some page sharing games so I’ve grown my network substantially this week.

I’m hoping today I can queue up a bunch of posts for TWC and find a picture or two to post on Insta. I’m also brainstorming cultural differences for each country in the Greater Universe, and considering re-writing what will be the opening chapter of book one. (Meanwhile, I’ll be ignoring my house chores until the anxiety makes me frustrated and I do them instead of getting work done on the books).


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