Nico Grey has been writing fantasy and grimdark for twenty years. She’s had poetry published in several literary journals but has turned her full attention to her novels. Her primary WIP is a multi-saga universe that’s been in development for ten years.



Nico C. Grey is a bisexual feminist killjoy, logodaedalist, and cat whisperer.  She’s spent her whole life writing, or reading, or failing those, daydreaming.  She envisions stories as films in her head. Some come to her in dreams. The only thing she knows to do is bleed them out onto paper or into the keys.

She’s dabbled in most things creative. She would love to get into doing tile mosaics and oil paintings this year, but for now, she mostly does calligraphy and is trying to master watercolor. Throughout the year she’s hoping to spend some serious time working on her sketching so she can one day draw and write a graphic novel.

She has participated in dozens of collaborative works around the internet.  Now and then you may even find a little fanfiction she’s toyed with.  She tries not to fight creativity and instead attempts to go with the flow, even if that means changing projects every few weeks or switching up mediums entirely.  

When she has time, she enjoys reading and reviewing things on critique sites she’s a member of; she believes there’s no better way to keep your eyes sharp and your merciless judgement honed than to exercise those muscles regularly (and it helps to learn to be nice about it for when you’re judging yourself).  On the days Nico is not writing speculative fiction or fantasy, she can probably be found writing poetry, wandering around outside taking pictures, doting on her three cats, or enjoying a meal with her husband.

Nico invites you to join her as she tackles writing the first books in several series set in one universe.