Solidified 2018 Goals + Intentions

I’m pretty sure this is the comprehensive list.

It’s hard to say when, honestly; if I let myself build on this list for too long it’ll grow to entirely unmanageable proportions and I’ll feel terrible for not keeping up with unrealistic goals. So, ultimately, I’m hoping to reign it in and be reasonable while still challenging myself.

I have lots of generalized goals, but I’m not sure how I’ll measure some of them. I already know that a few will be measured in hours (art, brainstorming, maybe critiquing), but others are harder to quantify. We’ll see how it goes and hopefully I’ll find a trackable method for each.

I am hoping to stick to all of these. *Fingers-crossed*


  • 500 words, minimum (183k, total), but shooting for 1k (365k, total).
  • post/engage on twitter, and FB/TWC.
  • read at least 15* pages.
  • dream log, journaling, trackers, spreadsheet updates


  • IG posts/Bookstagram posts.
  • spend quality time working on art.
  • critique at least 1 piece on Scribophile


  • load up weekly posts for TWC at least 1 month+ in advance.
  • brainstorming sessions
  • black out poem
  • build onto writing portfolio for paying jobs
  • blog update

Seasonally (every 3 months)

  • submissions
  • “recently read” reviews
  • update Universe Notebook with new information
  • 7 day photo challenge with focal topics
  • MoodGraphics for characters + series, plus an excerpt
  • write 1 OpEd to build onto portfolio
  • 1 comic strip


  • finish Draft 2 of W.
  • and the Prequel.
  • design cover.
  • for both.
  • put D2 of W through Round 1 of Hard Edits.
  • send to Alphas for Christmas.
  • draft1 outline of Book 1 for complete Universe Series. (6)
  • begin designing Graphic Novel + developing artistic style.
  • design a poetry chapbook to sell in 2019


  • Amended from 50 pages, original goal, to 15 pages on January 11th. Realized right away that 50 pages just won’t work with my schedule, so I lowered the goal to something more realistic.

5 thoughts on “Solidified 2018 Goals + Intentions

  1. Commenting for “transparency” before I edit the post.
    It’s January 11th and I’m realizing that a 50 page a day reading goal is too much for my schedule. I thought I’d get a lot more read during breaks at work, and would just read a few pages at night, but lately I seem to only be averaging about 10-15 pages during break and once I go to bed I’m lucky to read 5 more pages before I start getting too sleepy, haha.
    So I’m amending my reading goal to 15 pages a day and, like with my word counts, I’m secretly shooting for better, lol.


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