Hello, again! As this entire 365 challenge is a first for me, everything is basically a big experiment.  So far, I’ve learned that Bi-Weekly Updates and Monthly updates are unnecessary, so I’m cutting the BWU and sticking with End of the Month Updates, which will tally up everything.  The next update you’ll see will be … Continue reading Changes

QM/MoEm Excerpt 001

Rating: M It had been a long day, even for him. Domhnall had wanted to exhaust her and he knew he had succeeded; the sluggishness of her motions, the soft murmur of her voice, the droop her to eyelids all gave her away. What he hadn’t necessarily expected was to exhaust himself as well. Turned … Continue reading QM/MoEm Excerpt 001

WBMAM excerpt 003

Rating: M It was two AM and he was sitting in a bar in Rilth, once again. Judah sat beside him, imitating Pilot’s hunkered down posture and glum expression. It was a rare occurrence in their adulthood to mirror each other so closely. “I’ll watch over Eden,” Judah said, unprompted, and even Pilot struggled to … Continue reading WBMAM excerpt 003

ITPOGAM excerpt 001

Rating: M Listen up. Close your eyes and picture this: you push open a tall glass door. It’s heavy but moves easily for you. Mahogany chairs reflect the shift of light back at you. Heels clank on the mahogany floor and the sounds echo around you for a succession of long heartbeats. You can hear … Continue reading ITPOGAM excerpt 001

Excerpt 002 from WBMAM

Rating: M “How did you find me here?”  It was sweltering in the claustrophobic sauna, but Judah’s tone remained a block of ice, untouched by the heat. Pilot tilted his head sideways somewhat to peer around his brother to check on the woman from the front desk, who was twisting the belt of a robe … Continue reading Excerpt 002 from WBMAM