Today I signed up for 2018’s 365 Challenge. I suppose my social calendar will just have to take the hit (that’s a joke because it’s gone remarkably unfettered all of 2017). I like how far I’ve come this year and I want to see if I can go a little farther next year. Maybe hit the big 500k instead of just the 365, which I am well on track to hit.

I thought #WBMAM was coming close to getting wrapped up, but with my newest realization that #WBMAM fits into a greater universe – and that a large number of my other WIPs also fit into that same greater universe – I feel like it still has quite a substantial ways to go before even the first draft could be classified as “done”. I have to admit it’s a bit disappointing, even though it’s exciting to be thinking about a project that fits into a much larger scope; still, I am trying to keep plugging away. I’ve been knocking scenes off my list almost as quickly as I’m adding them to it.

It’s good, overall, though, because the development being done for this world is expansive and thorough. I want things to be that way and as slow as this process is, it’s organic growth is exponential. I would not dare to compare myself to modern world crafters – like G. RR Martin, for instance – but I know the development going into this universe is large enough that it feels like a feat of comparable size. (I suppose the comparison could be made that the world being designed is as broad and detailed in scope, but I would dig in my heels and remind that I am absolutely not comparing my skill level to theirs).

I am enormously pleased with the prospects though! This Greater Universe will be so full of life and fantasy and horror that I can hardly believe it is my own. I sincerely hope I can give each piece the attention it needs and deserves (and that they don’t each take a decade! *fingers crossed*) and keep my level of detail and realism and design equal throughout each section.

I suppose I should get back to work, though. I’m hoping to finish this Scene List for NaNo. It’s going terribly at the moment but life has been rather distracting lately so not much can be done for it. Except to use today and tomorrow to get some serious work done.


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