September Update

Sometimes I frustrate myself. I have had a few days totally free and I’ve gotten remarkably little done. I have the desire, even the itch, but… I can’t manage to get anything out. At least, nothing that moves things farther along. I’ve got tons of notes, but I am so close to finishing this draft and I find myself almost… frozen when I open the doc. I’d call it writer’s block, I suppose, but I don’t really like that. I believe in it to a degree, but it’s often an excuse.

I am putting effort forth. I’m re-reading, I’m plotting, I’m world building, I’m seeking inspiration, I’m doing the legwork. And still, the last few days it’s been almost useless. I’m even considering (and attempting to) work on other projects but I’m literally bored with all of them just looking at them.

I need a change in something. I guess I should figure out what.


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