It’s been a heck of a ride so far, this 365 Challenge. I mean, I suppose when I started I knew it would be, but looking back on it is a little amazing. It’s been eight solid months and there are only four left – and here’s the really wild part: I’m already thinking about next year. I’m already looking forward to it. I’m already excited about what this year has produced and how staggeringly close I am to finishing a very important draft. I have been working on #WBMAM for a decade. As we start the ninth month of this year, I am 100k into a brand new, actually cohesive, draft of a book I have spent so, so much time pouring myself into.

I think if you’d asked me two years ago where I’d be with this particular project, I’d have laughed and shrugged. By then, I’d tried three or four times to work on the damned thing. Each time got a hard plot re-tooling. Each time, I felt more like I was fighting the natural tide of the story.

Finally, finally, I have something that feels like it’s going in the right direction. Like it’s managed to find its true north. It’s very exciting for me. I’ve begun working up a Revisions Notebook. It’s sort of a bullet journal. I’m hoping that, designed properly, it will be a very helpful tool for Edits, and then subsequent drafts. (I’m also excited for those – like, is that weird? I’m not even done yet and I’m excited to rewrite it again.) I’m hoping I designed it well enough that it will last me through until the final draft. I think if anything, I’ll have to get an additional notebook for beta notes, but that was going to happen anyway as that would be hard to cram into one notebook that didn’t end up weighing roughly a ton.

I don’t have much else to really report, otherwise. I’ve written a few random poems. I’ve kept my writing goals for most every day, and the few I’ve missed didn’t matter much. Most of my writing days are 2k+ lately, so that’s awesome. I’m hoping it’s because I’ve hit a solid stride and rhythm and have established the habit well enough.

With the life changes going on, though, we’ll see if I can keep it up.

Regardless, my goal of 365k is within reach, I think. I might even get to 500k. If I keep this up.


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