A Review: Master Lists for Writers

Recently I came into possession of a book that has proved itself to be one of the most useful books on any of my shelves. I’m here today to tell you about it.

I have been putting Master Lists for Writers through its paces since I got it and it has not failed me yet. Every time I flip to a section, I’m amazed at the effort and meticulous attention that was put into compiling it. Bryn has done us all an enormous favor by gathering all of this into one book, and I think you’ll agree.

Bryn Donovan has crafted a spectacularly helpful collection of plot ideas, names, character traits and backstory ideas, and even tips on “showing not telling” – in addition to specialized thesauruses for descriptions, expressions, gestures, and most anything else you could need!

Every time I sit down to write, I make sure this book is close by. Have you lost time searching Google for some plot twists you could throw at your characters? Spent fruitless hours trying to think of other ways to describe the way a character shows animosity? Poured over a hundred webpages with “unique names” that all sound the same? Tried a dozen different gestures to show frustration? Wondered how to add more humor to your dialog? All of those searches, the scouring of the internet for the benefit of a single line, can be a thing of the past.

With this book, you could flip through the pages at random and would probably wind up with a fresh story idea. Find new and more unique ways to have readers connect to your characters by giving them qualities that often get overlooked in search of more mainstream tropes. Inject fresh conflict and description into your work and see how much more excited and productive you can be without losing yourself down the rabbit hole of name generators and story prompts that all feel flat. This book is a magic trick up your sleeve when you’re staring writers block in the face. It’s a flashlight in the darkness of your uncooperative imagination.

As for reference books, I can’t say I’ve ever had a better one. If I could afford to, I’d send a copy of this book to every writer I know.

5 out of 5 stars. 10/10 would recommend.


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