mini update

This week wasn’t too bad overall for me. I managed to get myself a little more on track for my goals and get myself organized. I’ve started doing weekly “tracking” pages so I can make my to-do lists for projects and keep track of what I do and when and how much I get done, etc. It’s helping a lot to see my progress. I’ve been doing a lot of world building instead of chapter writing and it’s been bothering me, but I know myself and I obviously need to be working this stuff out before I get much else done. It’s my way, but sometimes I feel like I’m failing (even though the words still count? I don’t get it either). Last night alone I managed 2k in world building notes and even got a few hundred fresh words toward a scene! So that’s something.


One thought on “mini update

  1. I totally know how that feels! Words are still good, as long as they’re purposeful. I’m in the same boat at the moment, and I appreciate hearing someone else is finding themselves in the same position.

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