Monthly Update

May wasn’t an especially productive month, admittedly.  As evidenced by the radio silence I’ve had here for so long.

I spent a good chunk of time saving all my work off a site where I’d spent a few years participating in a number of collaborative works and independent projects.  Over 1000 posts.  It was sad to say goodbye to a place that had helped to define me and the way I write.  As I spent hours (and hours, and hours) going through all of this, I really began to miss the collaborative nature of things.  Whether I realized it or not, it was a huge help to have others to be accountable to.  If I went too long without writing a chapter, I’d feel guilty.  It kept me motivated.  Not to mention the wealth of experience I got from working with others and learning how to develop an idea with so many other minds.

Aside from that, I have been doing a lot more world building than actual chapter writing, but that’s the nature of things sometimes.  My notes are inching up on 39k already for the year.

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s not a race.  I can catch up on my words, and I’m not even *that* behind.  I hate being behind at all, though.


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