Monthly Update

I am truly godawful at these updates. I suppose it doesn’t much matter, as they’re for me and mostly serve as a means of tracking how I feel during this challenge and boosting my word count with something easy. Still, I feel a certain sense of guilt when I fail to update when I intend to.

I’m working on something to share as an excerpt, but the longer this challenge goes on and the more I find myself working on the same few projects, the harder it gets to find something fresh and self-contained. Excuse or explanation, it’s up to you to decide.

In the meantime, this last month was not horrible. Neither was it great, but it is what it is. I’m still chasing that same exhilaration and success of that first month. It is elusive.

I got about 24,300 words in April. A few thousand short of the overall goal, which puts me behind. I’m trying to remind myself that I can catch up (those random 5k days certainly help) and that it’s just a matter of time, but the frustration is real.  Channeling it into motivation is another matter. Otherwise, I’ve begun drafting up a few new blog posts as well.  Nothing’s ready yet but I’ve definitely got some ideas I’m working on.

I keep considering dabbling in something playful and stress-free. There was once a time I could write ten thousand words for a chapter of fanfiction, though those days are long ago. It might be fun to pick up a little pet project and play around, though; and there are certainly plenty of fandoms ripe with inspiration and tempting me off my own projects.  Honestly, though, working on anything besides #WBMAM feels a bit like cheating nowadays. I tell myself that once it’s finished, maybe then I can play around in another world and really give it my focus.

Most of my progress was in #WBMAM this month, which should be expected if you’re paying attention, with the rest broken up between #MoEm, #ITPOGAM, and general notes (brainstorming notes) I’ve handwritten.


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