Log Update

You guys, I’ve been having a really down month or so in regards to my writing. I’d started this year with very high hopes and a big commitment to this 365 Challenge.

January was great – I was riding high on excitement and basically launching myself happily through scene after scene.

February was a dramatic downward arc. March offered little fresh excitement. I’d hoped April would kick me back into gear (especially with Camp starting), but the first two weeks were in the same monotonous colors as February and March had been.

But last night, though it took me most of a ten hour period, I wrote 5,000 new words. That’s FIVE DAYS worth of my daily goal. It happened without expectation, too. I have no idea why the words suddenly came back, but they did!

I’m hoping I can make use of my last day off (today) in a similar way.

I know I’m practically a bajillion years late with an excerpt, but truthfully, I’ve been working on #WBMAM and I already have a bunch of excerpts posted for that, so I don’t really want to over-share from one project.

Once I get something share-able from another project, I promise I’ll post it straight away!


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