log update

I seem to be struggling to write outside of my usual late night sessions, even though I have some days off and could be (should be) utilizing them. It is irksome.
Still, I’m not terribly “behind” on Camp, and I’m still focused on writing every day (even the days I don’t get words down) so the habit is there, at least. We’re inching up on 100 days of this challenge and I feel like the habit of at least thinking about finding time to write and chewing on project ideas is becoming firmly entrenched.
I think I might be feeling frustrated because the last two months were not runaway successes for me and I really want to push my boundaries and to surprise myself in regards to what I’m capable of. I find myself believing I set expectations for myself that were unrealistic even though I tried really hard to keep them as grounded as possible.
I should be satisfied with the fact that it’s been 3 solid months of a writing challenge and I haven’t wanted to quit even for a second. I should be satisfied that I’ve written over 95k (!!!!) in the last 3 months. I’ve pared down all the most workable ideas in my notebooks and have dedicated time to each of them regularly even if it’s just some time to ‘meditate’ on the idea. I have begun to tackle my “forever WIP” again, knowing it has historically only seemed too big a challenge to overcome and I have made *REAL* and substantial progress on it. I am doing great things, but it feels like I am moving through molasses.
I think perhaps I need a low key ‘side project’ that I take less seriously just to reinvigorate my excitement levels (I have a number of “fanfic” options I could choose from in my projects list so maybe I’ll ponder that).

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