I’ve decided to share research bits and such here as well, so here’s something I researched today in the name of Character Development.

Synesthesia: a neurological condition in which a person experiences “crossed” responses to stimuli. It occurs when stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway (e.g., hearing) leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway (e.g., vision).

Types of Synesthesia

chromesthesia – associate sounds with certain colors.
grapheme-color synesthesia – associate colors with letters or numerical digits.
hearing-touch synesthesia – develop tactile feelings whenever they hear specific sounds.
lexical-gustatory synesthesia – are able to taste words.
mirror touch synesthesia – feel exactly what others feel.
number form synesthesia – mental mapping of numbers appearing involuntarily with every thought of a numerical figure.
ordinal linguistic personification – associate ordered sequences (like the months of the year) with behaviors and character traits of personalities.
time-space synesthesia – feel like time has a physical characteristic.
touch-emotions synesthesia – experience physical emotions when they touch specific surfaces or textures.

Original curiosity about this was sparked by this post in which an artist with chromesthesia paints songs.  Her name is Melissa McCracken, and you can find the original interview I read here. The post featured image (above) is one of her paintings, titled “Iron and Wine, Boy With a Coin”, pictured in full below:

iron and wine - boy and coin melissa mccracken synesthesia painter


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