Hello, again!

As this entire 365 challenge is a first for me, everything is basically a big experiment.  So far, I’ve learned that Bi-Weekly Updates and Monthly updates are unnecessary, so I’m cutting the BWU and sticking with End of the Month Updates, which will tally up everything.  The next update you’ll see will be in the first week of April, tallying up the totals for this month.

Another thing I’ve realized is that weekly excerpts are a lot to maintain.  It seemed like a perfectly do-able idea when I figured I would be bouncing from project to project (52 excerpts over a year, with 30+ novels on my list? Sounds easy!), but so far my primary progress has been in three specific stories and I don’t want to share too much of those.  So I think we’ll try bi-weekly excerpts, but I’m already feeling like monthly ones are more likely.  I suppose where that leaves us is that you can expect one to two excerpts posted a month. 🙂

I have a few more Writing Practice posts brewing, so keep your eyes out for those!


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