Monthly Update

I know, we’re officially starting the third month of this challenge and I still don’t know what I really want to do for these Monthly Updates…

This month my focus was definitely on creating new words, unlike last month which was largely about development.  I went most of this month without doing much developing at all (outside of the natural growth of works in progress) and actually thought I would finish the month without doing any.

Wrong.  I ended up developing a completely new story idea last night, the final night of February.  On a whim, I managed 3.2k of developmental ideas, outlining, and brainstorming.  And yes, you read that correctly: a completely new story idea.  To add on to the roughly 35 other novels (this, by the way, does not include sequels to the ideas; and at minimum 8+ of these ideas are sagas so they should include at least 2-4 books in addition to the first one) I’m either developing, writing, or editing.  My life is a meme.


Overall, February was a more successful month (in regards to new words) than January was, ending at 42k (versus January’s 26k).  23.5k was for WBMAM, a measly 2k was for my NaNo2016 series (MoEm).  Everything else (16k) was split up between this blog, the DreamLog, and my Notes.


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