Bi-Weekly Update

Well, we’re nearing day fifty of the 365 Challenge.  Since my last bi-weekly update, I’ve gotten quite a bit done.  I’m no longer behind on my predicted word count for day 46, and I’ve been making (what I feel are) good plot moves in this (umpteenth) draft of WBMAM.  Technically, it’s *two* books under that title, but the first is a prequel and is going to be roughly novella sized (… I think).  I have the first draft of the prequel finished, minus a few sections I will need to fill in later that I skipped this round, and it’s sitting at a little over 23k.  The next book under that title, which is the “main” book, book one of a saga, is underway (this is the one I’ve drafted at least half a dozen times, including complete plot restructuring).  I’m nearing the 14k mark on this one.

I’m a little disappointed to say I haven’t done much in the way of development lately.  I’ve been very focused on WBMAM, but that’s kind of how it always goes with that project.  It’s probably my favorite so it kind of takes the spotlight.

I’ve slacked off a little with my dream log, but I’m still updating it.  At one time, I used to go on for hundreds of words about every dream but lately I struggle to remember the details.  They’are all incredibly vivid during the dream but dissipate almost immediately upon waking.

I did a poor job tracking brainstorming and editing the last two weeks, so I’ll try and get on that for the next two.  With this re-drafting, it’s a little hard to draw the line between “writing” and “plotting” since they’re sort of happening simultaneously.

My “new words” counts since the last update (Monthly Update) are:

Almost 3k new for the blog.
Less than 500 for the dream log.
and 19.6k for WBMAM.

The favoritism is so real. 😂



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