My history with National Novel Writing Month and it’s off shoot, CampNaNo

This post is mostly just so I can see all of my efforts laid out plainly.  I’ve participated (that is not to say won) in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, or NaNo) since November of 2011, with what I believe will always be considered my “favorite” work, WBMAM.  (It is, in fact, a little ironic that I am writing this post now and also working on a fourth re-drafting of WBMAM currently.)  I won that year, with 63,333 words.

I still get excited when I think about what it felt like to win that first year, and that feeling – and the way it still lingers – is what drives me to continue participating.  So far, I’ve participated ten times (winning only three), and will probably do so for the foreseeable future.  It’s not about winning.  It’s about reacquainting yourself with the task of novel writing; a re-commitment.  I get married to my writing when I participate in NaNo, and sometimes it is an amazing feeling to renew those vows.

This year will be no different, except that I plan to participate in all of them, in conjunction with my 365 Challenge (as they’ll overlap).  I’ve been really pleased with my progress so far this year and I’m excited to participate with this much steam already built up.

The Score So Far:

  • NaNo: November 2011. WBMAM.  63,333 words.
  • CampNaNo: June 2012. WBMAM, continued.  7,600 words out of 50,000. (I lost that time, 😄)
  • NaNo: November 2012.  WBMAM (and) TGB. 8.775 words. (I thought juggling would help, I was wrong 😂)
  • CampNaNo: July 2013. ITPOGAM.  8,400 words out of 25,000.
  • NaNo: November 2013. OIAB. 50,600 words.
  • CampNaNo: April 2014.  OIAB, continued. 9,400 words out of 50,000.
  • NaNo: November 2014. Untitled.  6,750 words.
  • NaNo: November 2015. TDT.  15,235 words.
  • CampNaNo: April 2016. Untitled 2. 1,850 words out of 50,000.
  • NaNo: November 2016. QM (now known as MoEm). 50,464 words.

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