The Bi-Weekly Update

Well, it’s been thirteen days since 2017 started, and though I may just be cresting over 8,000 words, I have still gotten plenty done in the last two weeks to be proud of myself.

I’ve set up, designed, and, in some cases, re-animated social medias for my “writer presence” online.  It’s a little weird to have my name – the name I tack to the end of my poems, the name I use to write all my sometimes-wonderful and sometimes-awful stories – scattered all around the interweb (fourteen sites, sheesh!). My internet persona has taken her first confused breaths of digital air.  It’s a strange feeling, but I’m excited to see how this goes.

I’m currently knee-deep in pulling together a project binder for myself to keep track of all my notes, brainstorming clouds, scenes, character bios, and other generally tedious miscellanea associated with building *a* novel (let alone… thirty-something).  I love organizing things, truth be told; it’s a love I’ve always had and no matter how daunting a task may be, I manage to find joy in color coding and alphabetizing.

Speaking of, keep your eye out for bullet lists that should be appearing at the beginning of every month starting in February.  I’m planning to post evidence of progress by sharing the word counts for each project as they’re updated at the end of every month.  This way you can follow along and see which projects I’m working on and which may be stagnating in the background a little bit.

The 8,000-something words I’ve accumulated in the last two weeks were mostly developmental.  I managed almost 2k each for two separate projects (#PHEA and #TWK, to be specific), and 1k for a third project (#THAOT) – almost all of which went into creating 6 different outlines (4 for one project, and one each for the other two). The remaining words were split up between this blog, my personal dream log that I keep, and my still-going NaNo’2017 project (#MoEm).  To top all that off, I’ve accrued over twenty hours of brainstorming and trudged through 7 hours of editing.

Overall, it hasn’t been a 100% successful two weeks, but of the thirteen days so far, I’ve only skipped one.  I’ll take that as a win.


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