(that feeling when…) you sit down to outline a novel and end up with four.

Lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by the goals I set for myself this year.  I know, it’s only week one.  How could I feel overwhelmed already?  I’m a pro at it.  I’ve been staring at my spreadsheets and staring at my outlines and not a lot else, that is, until tonight.

I made up some little index cards with the titles or basic ideas I want to work on written on each one.  I selected the first one to show any sort of promise in regards to my imagination and I sat down and began a brainstorming page.  It took a while – roughly three hours – but I’m happy to say it went well.  Surprisingly well.

I didn’t just create a basic outline for a novel, I created a basic outline for TWO novels.  And no sooner did I finish those that I realized there are two more for the same story concept (well, one novella and another full novel).  So by the end of tonight, I’ll hopefully have drafted starting outlines for four novels – all from one idea.

I’m not feeling so overwhelmed anymore.



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