2017 Projects Masterlist

For 2017, I’ve decided I’m taking no excuses from myself.  I have the organizational skill set, the time management, the creativity, the love of the craft… so what’s been stopping me?  Commitment.  It’s time I really commit to my goals.  This year is about showing myself what I can really do.  You’re welcome to come along for the ride.

The Works In Progress:

i. THE WORLD KILLER (WT)SpecFic, Dystopian, Horror, Action/Adventure – A genetic defect begins to affect a small number of the global population in the early 2040s. Disastrous events happen at increasing rates while mythical beasts and monsters appear worldwide, seemingly out of nowhere; soon, the structures of society and government fall and those that survive are left to rebuild.

ii. POMEGRANATE SEEDSRomance, SpecFic – A re-telling of the story of Hades and Persephone.

iii. MOTHER EMPRESS GrimDark, SpecFic, Romance – A polyamorous sorceress Queen makes a deal with an enemy to save her kingdom, but the cost is more than she could have predicted.

iv. ATLAS SpecFic, Fantasy, Action/Adventure – Atlantis, the city that withdrew from the world, is in danger.  The Queen, having only just been given the crown, begins a quest to find the answer in the outer worlds where she must put her trust in strangers in order to keep her kingdom safe.

v. SIGHT (WT) – Fantasy, GrimDark – A re-telling of Apollo and his two oracles.

vi. BOUNDLESS (WTSciFan, Action/Adventure, SpecFic – Androids, aliens, and one character’s lifelong mission to get the fuck onto that goddamned ship.

*WT is short for Working Title

The Development Workshop:
*this list will only include novels classified as idea development stages 2 and up.

i. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
ii. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
iii. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
iv. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
v. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
vi. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
vii. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
viii. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
ix. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage
x. Working Title – Genre – Development Stage


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